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International Conference
Engineering Technologies and Computer Science:
Innovation & Application

Before the opening of the conference

Moscow, March 26 - 27, 2019


Dear Colleagues!
We invite you to our annual conference En&T-2021.
Complete information on the conference website.

Dear Colleagues!

S.I.Vavilov Institute for the History of Science and Technology of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Federal Research Center "Informatics and Management" of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Center for National Technological Initiative on Artificial Intelligence based on the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology invite you to take part in the International Conference "Engineering Technologies and Computer Science: Innovation & Application" (EnT-2019), which will be held in Moscow 26-27 March 2019. The conference is supported by the Russian Academy of Sciences, Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation (grant 19-07-20005), IEEE and IEEE Computer Society. Registration number - 47203.

Like the previous annual international EnT conferences, EnT-2019 is devoted to the problems of developing computer and engineering technologies and related areas, their influence on other industries, the study of production and organizational issues in the context of developing an information space development strategy for the future. Welcomed reports on the history of IT. The conference is a bridge between present, past and future. History and modernity. Forecast for the future. Computers, applications, related areas, the impact of computer technology on other areas.

Papers are invited in the following three areas:
Computer Science
Computer Technologies
History of the development of computer technology and applied electronics and electrical engineering

Working languages are Russian and English. Abstracts in English are accepted until February 25, 2018.

To submit abstracts, type at
Address for other issues related to the conference
Accepted reports will be published in the Conference Proceedings in English, posted in the Xplore electronic library, reviewed in Scopus and the Web of Science.
Proceedings of the previous conference held with the financial support of the Russian Foundation for Basic Research (Grant 18-07-20008) and technical support from IEEE, published and posted in the prestigious and popular electronic library
IEEE Xplore Digital Library:

Important dates:
Abstracts in English: February 25, 2019
Articles ready for publication: March 22
Registration of participants: March 19, 2019
Conference opening: March 26, 2019
Registration rules can be downloaded here.

Conference committees

Steering Committee

Magdalena Salazar-Palma, IEEE Director Region 8, Carlos III University of Madrid
Dmitry Shcherbinin, Director of the Institute for History of Science and Technology of RAS
Igor Sokolov, Director of the Federal Research Center "Informatics and Management" of the RAS
Costas Stasopoulos, IEEE Region 8 Director 2015-2016, Electricity Authority of Cyprus

Program Committee

Vladimir Gvozdetsky, IHST RAS, Co-Chair
Victor Zakharov, FRC CSC RAS, Co-Chair
Zhang Baichun, IHS CAS, China
Bao Ou, ISTS, China
Eduard Proydakov, Virtual Computer Museum, Russia
Bozidar Radenkovic, University of Belgrade, Serbia
Mariam Seidbeyli, IHS NAA, Azerbaijan
Valery Shilov, Higher School of Economics, Russia
Gunter Sollinger, Uppsala University, Sweeden
Alexander Tomilin, ISP RAS, Russia
Mikhail Ulyanov, ISC RAS, Russia
Amaliya Utamishi, ISCC GNOSIS, Cyprus

Organizing Committee

Sergei Prokhorov, IHST RAS, Chair
Ekaterina Budreyko, IHST RAS - executive secretary
Yulia Belchich, IHST RAS
Andrey Leonov, IHST RAS
Irina Lerman, IHST RAS
Svetlana Mantsevich, IHST RAS
Alexander Pilipenko, ISP RAS



The conference was supported by the RFBR (grant 07/07/20005) and IEEE technical support.
All submitted reports are published in the conference proceedings collection
Proceedings of the 2019 International Conference on Engineering Technologies and Computer Science: Innovation & Application
available for reading in the IEEE Xplore digital library at


We invite you to present the results of your work at one of the sections of the conference by preparing and sending abstracts of the report. Original, not previously submitted to other conferences articles in English and Russian on the relevant topics of the conference sections are accepted for review. The volume of theses - 1000 characters of the text, the interval 1.5.
To submit abstracts, type at
Authors of articles that have received positive reviews from reviewers will be able to make a report at the conference, and articles will be recommended for publication in English in Proceedings of the 2019 International Conference on Engineering Technologies and Computer Science, will be placed in the popular Xplore electronic library.
Papers included in the conference proceedings will be reviewed and posted on the leading abstract databases Scopus and Web of Science. Authors who have received positive feedback and recommended for publication of the article will need to prepare its final version in the appropriate format, taking into account all the experts' comments. The volume of the article for the collection is up to 28 thousand characters.
Acceptance of theses - until February 25.
Reception of reports - until March 22.

The conference was supported by the RFBR (grant 07-07-20005) and IEEE technical support. All submitted reports were published in the Proceedings of the 2019 International Conference on Engineering Conference and were placed on the IEEE Xplore electronic library at


March 26, 2019 (Institute for History of Science and Technology RAS, Baltiyskaya st., 14)
Registration of participants - 9:30
Opening of the conference - 10:00
Plenary session, 10:30
D.Yu. Shcherbinin. Museum of the History of Science and Technology in the light of the national projects

March 27, 2019 (Institute for History of Science and Technology RAS, Baltiyskaya Str., 14)
Opening of the session - 12:00
Plenary reports
Yu.M. Baturin. Topology of gluing of virtual and real law in cases of on-line crimes
Bozidar Radenkovic, Sergei Prokhorov, Marijana Despotovic-Zrakic, Zorica Bogdanovic, Aleksandra Labus. The impact of Nikola Tesla's patents to development of modern mobile and Internet services

Poster presentations, 13:00 - 15:00
Computer Science
Alexander Andryukhin. Phishing Attacks and Preventions in Blockchain Based Projects
Mai The Anh, Dang Thai Son, D.N. Anisimov, Ekaterina Fedorova. Fuzzy-PID controller for Two Wheels Balancing Robot Based on STM32 Microcontroller
Dmitry Kovalev, Sergey Stupnikov. Constructing hypothesis lattices for virtual experiments in data intensive research
Maria A. Poltavtseva. Evolution of data management systems and their security
Sevak Sargsyan, Shamil Kurmangaleev, Jivan Hakobyan, Matevos Mehrabyan, Sergey Asryan, Hovhannes Movsisyan. Directed Fuzzing Based on Program Dynamic Instrumentation
Ivan Shanin, Sergey Stupnikov, Viktor Zakharov. Application of anomaly detection methods in the housing and utility infrastructure data
Victor Zakharov, Aleksander Khoroshilov, Alexey Khoroshilov. Methods and technologies of machine phraseological translation based on the generalized syntagm model
Victor Zakharov, Alexander Krassovitskiy, Zhazirakhanym Meirambekkyzy, Irina Ualiyeva, Aleksander Khoroshilov, Alexey Khoroshilov. Automatic creation technologies of declarative tools for clustering media documents
G.N. Zhukova, Yu. G. Smetanin, M.V. Uljanov. Informative symbolic representations as a way to qualitatively analyze time series

Applied computer technologies: history and modernity
Roman Fando, Maria Klavdieva. The history of molecular genetics in Russia: history of science analysis
Vladimir Kitov, Olga Kitova, Edward Proydakov. The First Soviet Scientific Papers on Management Information Systems in the RVC
Abouzar Nasiri, Vera A. Shirokova, Nadezhda A. Ozerova. Creating geo-information base of an Internet resource Ancient waterways in the North-West of Russia
Bozidar Radenkovic, Sergei Prokhorov. HRS-100 hybrid computer: history of creation and application experience
Laurence Roche-Nye, Dmitry Yu. Shcherbinin. Soviet-French Scientific and Technological Cooperation Aboard the Salyut-7 Space Station
Valery Shilov, Sergey Silantiev. Accounting and Control are the Basis of Socialism: Computing Technology in USSR (1917-1941)
Marina Shleeva. The History of Computing Technology in the Works of I.A. Apokin
Marina Smolevitskaya. History of Logarithmic Devices in Russia in the Items of the Polytechnic Museum Collection
Zdenek Smutny, Michal Dolezel. The Role of Generational Differences in ICT Acceptance: A Social Informatics Perspective
Vladimir Simkovic, Roman Hajtmanek, Viliam Zajicek. User tracking in VR environment
M. Yu. Zakharova. Legal issues of creation and use of 3D-documents in Russian Federation

Applied electronics and electrical engineering: history and modernity
V.P. Borisov. Russian electronics: globalization and national interests
Ekaterina Budreyko. Electrochemical industry in the context of the industrialization policy of the USSR
Vladimir Gvozdetsky. The Makers of the GOELRO Plan
Olga Elina. Development of Innovative Technologies in Russian Agro-Industry
Viera Joklova, Ekaterina Budreyko. Digital technologies in architectural design, verification and representation
Andrey V. Leonov. Impact of socio-economic and psychological factors on the development of fiber optic communication systems
Aleksandr V. Pilipenko. The main problem of photovoltaic energy and possible ways to solve it: historical and technical approach
Andrey Simonov. Researches and tests of the aviation radio-electronic equipment in the USSR
Nikolai Shcherbinin. The Siemens company innovative activity in electrical engineering in Russia (18801886)
Dmitry Sobolev. Work on electric helicopter in the USSR (1935-1941)

The conference was supported by the RFBR (grant 07/07/20005) and IEEE technical support.
All submitted reports are published in the Proceedings of the 2019 International Conference on Engineering Technologies and Computer Science: Innovation & Application available for reading in the IEEE Xplore digital library at

Organizer & Partners



Moscow, March 20 - 21, 2018