International Workshop
Engineering Technologies and Computer Science
EnT 2017

Moscow. 28 September, 2017

Workshop Program

Russian House for International Scientific and Technological Cooperation

11, Bryusov Per., Moscow

28 September, 2017

Registration of participants - 10.00
Opening of the workshop - 11.00

Plenary reports
Shcherbinin Dmitri "S.I Vavilov Institute for Science and Technology - 85. New horizons"

Saltykov Boris "The Polytechnic Museum and the Association for the Promotion of Scientific and Technical Museums on the guard for the Russian cultural heritage in the field of science and technology"

Baturin Yuri. "Computer crimes, computer security and Russian computer law"

Tomilin Alexander. "BESM-6 in real-time management systems"

Coffee-break - 14.00

Section meetings - 15.00
Closing of the workshop - 18.00

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