International Workshop
Engineering Technologies and Computer Science
EnT 2017

Moscow. 28 September, 2017

Workshop Program

28 September, 2017

Registration of participants - 10.00

Opening of the workshop - 11.00

Plenary reports

Shcherbinin Dmitry "Computer technologies. Object and instrument of scientific and historical research"
Baturin Yuri. "Computer crimes, computer security and Russian computer law"
Smetanin Yuri and Ulyanov Mikhael. "Information entropy in clusterization problems"
Tomilin Alexander. "BESM-6 in real-time management systems"

Coffee-break - 14.00

Poster presentations - 15.00

Vasily Borisov. "Electronics of Russia and socio-economic reforms"
Ekaterina Budreyko. "Historical Review of the Galvanotechnik's Creation"
Roman Fando, Maria Klavdieva. "Biotechnology and computer modeling are on the way to the treatment of genetic diseases"
Vladimir Gvozdetsky. "V.I. Lenin, G.M. Krzhizhanovsky and the Development of the GOELRO Plan (to the 100th anniversary of the October Revolution)"
¬oris Kryuchkov, Dmitry Shcherbinin "Soviet spacesuits as objects of computer historical reconstruction"
Andre Kuritsyn, Vladimir Yaropolov. "Application of information technologies in the process of cosmonaut training"
Andrey Leonov, Vladimir Konyshev. "From the revolution to the evolution: the change in the character of development of fiber optic communications technology"
Yuri Lonchakov, ņndre Kuritsyn, Vladimir Yaropolov. "Information Technologies of Training Cosmonauts for a Space Flight"
Aleksandr Pilipenko. "Studies of the wave principles of the conversion of solar radiation into electricity as an alternative to space solar energy"
Aleksandr Pilipenko, Vladimir Chikin. "A new look at the content and functions virtual museums of electronic engineering"
Sergei Prokhorov. "Some critical points in the history of the Soviet computer industry development"
Dmitry Sobolev. "The Development of Aviation Museums and Collections in Russia"
Dmitry Shcherbinin. "Virtual Reconstruction and 3D Visualization of Vostok Spacecraft Equipment"
Marina Shleeva. "L. Maystrov and the History of Computer Technology Research in the USSR"
Marina Smolevitskaya. "The Informatics and Computer Technologies Heritage in Russia"
Dmitry Sobolev, Gunther Sollinger. "Eugen Sangerís Hypersonic Bomber Project and Idea of it Realization in the USSR in 1946"
Gunther Sollinger, Dmitry Sobolev. "From Torpedogliders to Fledermaus: Siemens and the development of remotely controlled aircraft 1914-1918"
Amalia Utamishi, Sergei Prokhorov. "Fund of algorithms and programs as part of cultural heritage"

Closing of the workshop - 16.00

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